Taste the ‘Sweet Life’…..

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Taste the ‘Sweet Life’…..

Taste the sweet life …. Back due to popular demand……
We will have another taste testing of Sweet Life products on Monday November 23rd at 10am at the pharmacy. Come and taste the naturally sugar and gluten free cakes or have a taste of Xylitol – the natural sugar free sweetener.
Perfect Sweet® Xylitol is the only natural sugar free sweetener that is good for you. Unlike refined sugar, Perfect Sweet® Xylitol has many properties that can improve your health and well-being.
Perfect Sweet® Xylitol is more than just a sugar free sweetener. Xylitol is extracted from plants such as birch tree andcorncobs, so it’s 100% naturally occurring. It is also produced naturally in our bodies. If you’re looking for the best xylitol, you won’t find a higher quality available than Perfect Sweet® Xylitol.
Despite it being sugar free, Perfect Sweet® Xylitol has all the sweetness of sugar. It’s completely free of artificial sweeteners and has absolutely no bitter or unpleasant aftertaste, so it tastes just like sugar.

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