How can I live better with Arthritis?

//How can I live better with Arthritis?

How can I live better with Arthritis?

In Australia, one in six people have arthritis. Many people think arthritis is a normal part of getting older. This is not true. In fact, two out of every three people with arthritis are between 15 and 60 years old.

So, what is it? ‘Arthritis’ is a name for a group of conditions causing damage to the joints, usually resulting in pain and stiffness. There are over 100 forms of arthritis. Some of the most common forms of arthritis are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Gout.

Currently there is no cure for most forms of arthritis. There are however treatments that can effectively control symptoms. Please see your doctor if you have symptoms of arthritis.

Exercise & Arthritis

Research has found that regular exercise is one of the most effective treatments for arthritis.  It also helps to improve your overall health. Before you start to exercise, it is important to ask your doctor and healthcare team to help you develop a program that will suit your type of arthritis, general health and lifestyle.

Working Smarter with Arthritis

It is important to start looking after your joints, as soon as you find out you have arthritis.

One way you can look after your joints is to work smarter, not harder. Look for ways that you can use tools or your environment to help you accomplish tasks. For example, slide objects along a bench rather than lifting them, take advantage of carts or trolleys when transporting large items. When doing tasks around the house, set a steady pace and take a break BEFORE you get tired and sore.

For practical tips and information on making daily tasks easier, check out the At home with arthritis: simple steps for managing in the home booklet.

For more information, have a chat to our pharmacist at Mends Street Pharmacy!

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