Feeling a little stressed this holiday season?

Feeling tired and stressed this festive season? Recharge and Relax with Ethical Nutrients. Recharge & Relax contains Magnesium and Rhodiola which may: Improve mental performance when stressed and fatigued Reduce physical and mental fatigue Maintain a healthy stress response Be beneficial during times of stress Assist cellular energy production Ethical nutrient products are premium quality [...]

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Taste the ‘Sweet Life’…..

Taste the sweet life …. Back due to popular demand…… We will have another taste testing of Sweet Life products on Monday November 23rd at 10am at the pharmacy. Come and taste the naturally sugar and gluten free cakes or have a taste of Xylitol - the natural sugar free sweetener. Perfect Sweet® Xylitol is [...]

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Allergy and hay fever season

With the hay fever and allergy season now well and truly here, come in and have chat about treatment options. From non-drowsy antihistamines to nasal sprays and sinus washes, many options are available to help with the symptoms and make this allergy season a breeze! Allergy Control? by Ethical nutrients contains a specific strain of [...]

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Had your zinc levels tested lately?

Zinc is a super nutrient which is invaluable for keeping your immune system strong,?improving the health of your hair, skin and nails, aiding the healing process and reducing?free radical damage. Sub-optimal levels of zinc are very common at all ages, especially in the?elderly; and as many as 75% of females and 45% of males may [...]

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Flu Vaccines

Protect yourself from the flu this winter by making sure your flu vaccination is up to date. At?Mends Street Pharmacy we are now offering a flu vaccination service. Call us to book in an?appointment. For your convenience and to cater for those with a busy schedule lunch time?and After Hours Appointments are available. Call us [...]

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