Types of iron : Heme vs Non-heme

What is heme iron? Heme iron is the type of iron found in blood and muscle. It makes up a large portion of the iron in a typical western diet. The “heme” in hemoglobin refers to this form of iron. Heme iron-rich foods include oysters, beef, liver and sardines. While the exact mechanism of absorption [...]

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What are antioxidants and where can we find them? Antioxidants are substances that are found in food and in vitamin and mineral supplements. They can neutralise free radicals in your body. What are free radicals? They are the byproduct of chemical reactions inside your cells and some can be harmful to the body. The best [...]

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Taste the ‘Sweet Life’…..

Taste the sweet life …. Back due to popular demand…… We will have another taste testing of Sweet Life products on Monday November 23rd at 10am at the pharmacy. Come and taste the naturally sugar and gluten free cakes or have a taste of Xylitol - the natural sugar free sweetener. Perfect Sweet® Xylitol is [...]

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